Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Who loves free stuff? Possible answer: EVERYONE. Answer I was aiming for: ME. So, as I have discussed on this blog, I tend to be a bit scatterbrained, and in this case it has worked in my favor. It turns out I have a horrible sense of delayed gratification, mixed with being highly impulsive, I tend to spend money right when I have it (I think this is due to the fact that I have not turned 25 yet, and pre-frontal cortex has not kicked in--the area of your brain that controls your impulses. It's science). ANYWAYS, I got a statement in the mail in relation to my credit card. Now, I vaguely remembered that with my credit card, every time you spend money, you get a certain amount of points. A few years ago I had remembered getting something in regards to this, but I didn't ever cash my points in. So, today I get my little "Cash Rewards" card, and it says I have a whopping 13,000 points, as they have been steadily building up for who knows how long. This is helpful, because had I KNOWN that I had these points, I never would have saved them up to get anything worthwhile, and I probably would have spent them on a case of candy bars or something equally worthless. Now, 13,000 points sounds like a lot, but I wasn't really sure how much it was ACTUALLY worth...I mean, that's like saying you got 20 gold stars--with an inadequate system to compare it too, I didn't know if 13,000 was really that good in the "Cash Rewards" system. Well, it turns out you can take your points and go "shopping" and cash your points in for all sorts of stuff--gift cards, fancy journals, totes, headphones. HOT. I ended up ordering myself a $50 gift card for itunes--and the best part was that only ended up spending half my points. HOLLA!!! Now I will be able to purchase episodes of SVU, Glee, along with some new jams. Now that's a steal of a deal!

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