Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'm pretty sure I had a dream last night that I met Mariska Hargitay but I didn't have anything for her to autograph. She was really nice and gracious, and ended up signing a paper I'd written for school or something, and wrote me a really long message with her autograph, which gives me high hopes that she's stellar in real life. After I exited whereever it was I had met her, I spotted Christopher Meloni walking down the street, but I wasn't sure if it was him because he was wearing a wig (I didn't say this dream was realistic), so I didn't stop to chat with him. I'm guessing I had this dream because a) I am obsessed (obvi) and am distraught by Chris's parting, b) I had watched my first episode of SVU yesterday in like 3 weeks (I know--that's how busy I've been!) and c) we had the first annual SJC "Take Back the Night" (find out more here: yesterday which was awesome and powerful and beautiful, henceforth sexual violence must have been on the brain. Oh, and by the way the speaker yesterday at Take Back the Night was AMAZING and this is her organization if you want to check it out: They do all sorts of stuff to change sexual assault laws, and they recently passed one to get rid of the statute of limitations on sex crimes with DNA evidence, which is HUGE because a lot of people don't get justice because of statue of limitations. AWESOME.

Oh, and for anyone who goes to SPU we NEED a Take Back the Night event because it's way to really bad and I wish I was there because I would so start one (cough Sophia members cough...)

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