Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It is 12:39 AM and I suffering from jetlag...but it's really the opposite effect of jetlag: because I am not one bit tired, as it is only 9:39 on the West Coast. So here I sit, updating my blog, as I had been discussing with a friend that I had not updated in awhile, which APPARENTLY did not matter as he had not read it in several months. Hmph. His loss!!! Just kidding, friend :)

Anywhos, I had a delicious week away from work. I intentionally use the word "delicious" because I hate a lot of scrumptious food, but it was also delicious as in "delightful." I originally flew to Seattle to surprise my friend Rob for his 25th birthday. I LOVE surprising people, especially Rob because when he is excited he let's a scream like a little school girl and it is music to my ears. I also took this opportunity to jump on a jet plane and fly to the University of Southern California to check out grad school stuff. This was amazing as well. I will write more in detail about these things later.

As many of you know, I am infamous for having bad things happen to me on airplanes, and this trip was no exception. For the first time in the history of my life, my luggage was lost. Unfortunately, I was not prepared with an extra change of clothes and a toothbrush in my carry on as my mother always told me to do, and was subsequently no prepared. I would have made a terrible boy scout. Thus, my first day of vacation was spent in the exact same clothes as the day before. But do you want to know the more horrifying thing about the whole experience?! Southwest kindly provided me with a toiletry kit full of goodies to get me through my stay without my bag. I opened it up to find a mini deodorant that said "regular." I was immediately suspicious, as the deodorant looked suspiciously mannish. What?! This "regular" SHOULD imply "gender neutral/unscented"--not "manly"!!! This of course horrified the gender studies person in me, as it is a well known theory in gender studies that the dominant group tends to be seen as "the norm." Maybe I was leaping to conclusions...but unfortunately as I opened said deodorant my suspicions were confirmed. I had been given men's deodorant and it had been pawned off as "regular." GAHHHHH. They would never try to give women's deodorant away as "regular" to both sexes...I'm just saying...The patriarchy lives on! Southwest: you will be getting a letter from me, and also because you should look into a more sustainable way of giving out complimentary beverages instead of plastic cups. But don't get me wrong! I love your service! And the free $50 travel voucher I got for you losing my bag! Lose away!