Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fun Sociological Things 5-Year-Olds Say

This afternoon I went over to my pastor's house for Easter Dinner with his family, which proved to be extremely delightful and it was nice feeling included in a family again. Anywho, I was sitting and talking with two high school girls and I'm not quite sure how we even got on the subject, but one of them said, "Did you know that if you are taller you make more money?" The other said, "Yeah, and you make more if you're more attractive too!" I of course leapt at the chance to share fun facts (well, fun for me) and in general educate others and said, "Yes, and you also make more money if you are White and male. So, if you're a good looking tall White male you're going to be rolling in the dough." At this point, the little 5-year-old boy started singing this tune: "Good looking tall White male, la la la." Yup, he did it. And I ate it up. Prospective sociology student?

As far as Sociology goes, I had another thought today. This is not necessarily related to the above paragraph, but it seems unnecessary to begin a completely new blog post, and I tend to be a bit lazy on Sundays. Anyways, I decided today that I hope we never go back to a bartering system. Why? Well, as many of my friends move on in their new careers, they are developing very tangible service skills that would work really well in a bartering system. Case in point: 2 friends are in cosmotology school. 2 more friends do event planning. Rob's a graphic designer. Here's the problem: if we were on a bartering system I do not really have any tradeable skills. They could say, "Hey Jess, I will trade you a free haircut for some fun facts and interesting case studies!!!" Or maybe, "I'll plan this event for you or make some cool centerpieces, and you can teach me about gender!!!" I might say to Rob, "Hey if you design this t-shirt for me, I'll give you my paper to read on Bon Jovi and masculinity!" This will never happen. However, I am still hopeful because I know that my education and skill set will change and inform the minds of the future sociology students of America! And then they will be compelled to volunteer and change the world through the elements of legislature, their government and social structure! Yay!

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