Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Again with the free stuff!

So I apologize for my lack of blogging oh my dear readers. This past month has been a blur, and I've actually had quite the social life, BELIEVE IT OR NOT. Which is awesome, as this was severely lacking, and it was if I was like "Hmmm let me take all the times I wish I would have been hanging out with people and squish all of those meetings into April." In the last month Glee has come back on the airwaves, much to my delight. All the students have checked out of the residence halls, and student leaders have gone through some intense training, and the seniors have graduated. My brother met David Sedaris at the Mac store (lucky). I finally finished my first ever (though highly disappointing) grad class. I'm all smart and stuff.

Anywho, today had turned out to be a very ill-fated day, but was quickly remedied with a delightfully humorous incident. There I was, checking my mail and I got five package slips. 5 packages? What, praytell, did I order and forget about? Had I ordered 5 seasons of Law and Order: SVU on DVD, or perhaps a combo Law and Order and Scrubs and it had perhaps slipped my mind? I immediately ruled this out, as I can stream them live via Netflicks, so this would be highly unlikely. Is a secret admirer sending me multiple packages? No...Bon Jovi and Matthew Morrison don't know my address. Did all my friends and my mama decide to send me love all on one day? It's not August 11 yet, so I'm guessing it wasn't a gaggle of birthday presents. So, there I was, tra la la-ing down to the mailroom to discover what could be awaiting me. I had happened to drag my co worker, Tai, along with me, which turned out to work in my favor, as I ended up needing her arms. Upon my arrival and my handing in of my package slips the mailman said, "Ooooh you got some cookie dough." This reminded me that I had indeed ordered some cookie dough from the senior class--Yes, I said to myself, I shall do my part to support. They were doing a fundraiser, and they were mailing me what I had bought. This should have explained one package, not all five. I had ordered ONE tub of cookie dough, which was pushing it because that's about the last thing I need sitting in my refrigerator right now. And yet, they had sent me FIVE tubs. Count 'em FIVE--and five THREE POUND tubs at that--that's FIFTEEN POUNDS OF DOUGH. If you lumped it all together it would weigh as much as a small child (or perhaps a beagle). This reminded me of when my friend Heather had purchased a Barney DVD from Target for Toys for Tots and they ended up sending her three Barney DVDs--and no one needs that much "I love you, you love me" in their life. It is a good thing that they specify on the outside of the box that the dough lasts 6 months refrigerated and one year frozen, because that is about how long it is going to take me to consume that much cookie dough. Either that, or every first year student next year is going to be receiving a free water bottle and an information packet with a triple chocolate cookie neatly tucked inside. I love cookies and cookie dough as much as the next gal, but I strongly dislike getting burned out on my favorite foods. I hope this doesn't turn out like the Airheads incident of '95 where I bought a Costco sized box of Airheads and proceeded to eat so many of them that I couldn't even look at an Airhead without feeling ill for about 10 years (Look, it was 5th grade, and it seemed like a great idea: I could get 2 Airheads for .25 cents, and I LOVED those Airheads, so what would be more awesome then 2 Airheads for .25 cents? 200 Airheads for $5). So, if anyone who lives within my general proximity would like some cookies, by all means, help yourself.

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