Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why I Hate This Book

Now, I apologize in advance if you really like this book. But I just really am not that into it. I'm ashamed that I have actually flipped through this nonsense. Ugh. This probably seems random that I'm talking about this book--but as any good sociologist knows, nothing is really ever truly random. This book is about how guys don't act interested when they're not--they won't call you or text you, basically they won't go out of their way to show you any sort of special attention or if they are into it, they'll go above and beyond to impress you, whatever (WHICH I will add just messes things up in the future but that's a WHOLE other story and I won't get into it). Why I HATE this book is because it implies that women can't get it through their pea-sized brains that the guy isn't interested, so we need someone to spell it out for us. Mmhmm. It also implies that by default if men act this way, then women don't (because men and women are just "so opposite")--untrue. Guess what: women do the exact same thing. I would argue MORE so because women tend to be less direct then men because they are socialized to be people pleasers--so I would theorize they'd take a whole lot longer of subtle hinting until some guy figured out they just aren't into them. This only comes up because let me tell you, when I'm into someone I definitely pay attention to them, text back, call, whatever. This has been proven over and over again in my life time. But hey guy from the restaurant--when you have texted me a bajillion times and I don't text back--I'M JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. This book does not apply solely to men, and I think the author should definitely think about changing the title to "He/She is just not that into You." I'm just sayin. I'm not saying that this book is untrue, I'm just saying that it applies to BOTH genders.

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