Monday, March 15, 2010

Why I Do Not Wear Coats

I've never really worn coats. I'm not sure why. I've theorized and theorized, but have yet to come to a conclusion. Now, let me be clear. I will wear a coat if I am say, going on a long trek somewhere. But to and fro from the car to the store? No. I will run into the store and bite the bullet. I'm not really sure why I am like this. I think it could be a combination of the fact that I am sort of scatterbrained and moderately lazy when it comes to taking the time to put ON the jacket, and then you have to find somewhere to hang it, and then you maybe might lose it(read:them, plural) which gets to be an expensive habit...I don't really know. But what I DO know is that several RA's this year have harassed, badgered and weedled me to wear a damn coat. They started to say that every time they saw me they would charge me $0.25 cents. I never agreed to this deal, but this did not stop them from screaming at me across campus that I indeed owed them money. In passing they would say things that mothers say to young children, "You'll catch your death of cold!" to which I replied, "Ummm NO scientifically speaking you CANNOT get sick from your body being cold. It will wear your immune system down, yes, but colds are caused by viruses. So there." Of course all of their badgering only made me want to rebel and not wear a coat. However, it did begin getting REALLY cold, so I finally swallowed my pride and asked for and received a fabulous plaid coat for Christmas. And let me tell you, it is fierce. Ow ow. Immediately upon receiving said gift, I notified the RA's, who were pleased as punch knowing that their supervisor would be warm and toasty. I was applauded for wearing a coat when they would see me outside. I actually began to enjoy that coat--it became a part of me. So, I decided to wear my beautiful coat to Seattle. I didn't even put it on the overhead bin on the plane because I didn't want to lose track of it--step in the right direction Jess! However, upon my return flight there I was in SeaTac thinking...hmmm it's a wee bit chilly in here. Did I wear a coat here? This question should indicate to you how very little I actually do wear a coat as I couldn't even remember because it is not a habit. Nope, sure did leave it in Seattle in Brittany and Dana's apartment. So, I'm right back to wear I started in October--coatless.

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