Sunday, March 7, 2010

Turns out Jessica Miller is indeed an AWESOME name

My name has always been annoying to me for one reason: It's REALLY common. (Fun fact: "Miller" is the seventh most common nickname). Aside from "John Doe" or perhaps "Bob Smith," it has certainly proven to be extremely generic. Case in point: In high school, one of my fellow classmates had my exact name: first, middle, and last. To add more insult to injury, we were both blue eyed and at the time blond and similar in stature. This led to multiple instances of mistaken identity, and I began to be referred to as "Jessica Miller, daughter of Dave." Whenever I go to pick up a prescription, it is always increasingly necessary to specify my address and social security number so I do not end up with someone's vicodin or eyeglasses. Let's be clear, this did work in my favor at various points: for example on senior night my name was in the hat twice for the raffle drawing--increasing my odds of winning a prize by one, and who doesn't like increased odds?! Thus, I won $50 as the other Jessica Miller was not present at the time of my raffle victory. Any who, I was always moderately perturbed by my name, being that I like to be a person who enjoys standing out from the crowd in most instances. The only reason I would change my name upon marriage is if I married someone with a last name like "Turkenstein" or something really unique. However, should I decide to walk down the road of matrimony someday if you are a "Johnson," "Smith" or "Brown," or something moderately normal, forget it (no offense or anything). I would also consider hyphenating if I found someone with the last name of "Time," "Lite" or "Light" or perhaps "Coors" (for irony's sake) just because that would be ridiculous and awesome. But I digress again. The reason I am writing this blog is that I am coming to appreciate my general genericness in the case of the dating scene. See, it has turned out to work in my favor when people that I meet (cough men cough) and I don't particularly care to encounter again say things like, "Do you have facebook? I'll look you up!" to which I get the pleasure of responding, "I totally do!!! However, you will never find me because there are about 500 Jessica Millers," thus putting the power in my crafty little hands and to which I think "Ha! You will never find me and I will never have to go through the awkward stage of avoiding you. Win win!" They also do not know that my facebook profile name is "Jess Miller," so I become equally untouchable. And good luck trying to find me by googling: you'll have to choose from a novice country singer, super model or Canadian figure skater--all three of which I share nothing in common. Anonymity is bliss.

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