Thursday, March 4, 2010

Organization??? Say Wha?!

For anyone who knows me, they know that I am a hot mess when it comes to anything organization related. A. Hot. Mess. The terms "organization" and "Jess Miller" could be deemed "oxymoronic." I literally don't think my brain knows how. No. Compute. My desk was so bad you could have booby trapped it and buried a treasure in there and no one would know. Sometimes I wonder how my mother did not pass the org gene onto me, as she is extremely organized. And it's not just my mother--I am surrounded by organized people ALL THE TIME, so one would have anticipated that some skills would have rubbed off on me by now, but alas. My friends know this flaw. My friend Callie gave me file folders for my birthday present (WHICH for the record I did use!)--it's that bad. In college, it would often take me 5-10 minutes to be able to leave the house because I couldn't ever find my keys or wallet. After 3 years, this was easily remedied by placing a hook on my wall (I'm a slow mover and don't like change, what can I say). Well, the other day I hit shall we say, "Rock Bottom." I think this was because we have a few RA's on staff who are extremely organized, and may have told me that if they spent too long in my office they would probably start hyper ventilating because of its state of disrepair. Needless to say, I did not want to be the talk of the town in this particular way. Thus, I gave myself a pep talk, and employed one of them to help me get my ish together. Spring cleaning was an understatement. And the things she taught me! Did you know people have systems for their workspaces?! I mean, like they put things in file folders, and certain things go in certain drawers, and there's "to do" folders, "in progress" folders, "done folders"?!? Things are hole punched! Color coded! Toss this! Shred that! Recycle thee! I even went to Staples and purchased a planner! Today was a big day in my life. A big day. I am spreading my organizational wings and FLYING!

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