Friday, March 19, 2010

Cookie or Cupcake?


Philosophers have asked many important questions in our time. Does God exist? What's the meaning of life? To be or not to be, that is the question! My neighbor asked me today an equally important question: if I had the choice, which would I prefer...a cookie or a cupcake? He told me that I did not need to answer if I needed to think about it, that I may wait and blog about it, as the question does require much thought and is far more intricate than one would anticipate. As I pondered this question, I began to rate both Cupcake and Cookie on their differences and merits. Both are round--not much help there. Both begin with a "C." Both are conveniently individually sized--a "personal pan pizza" if you will. You can get sprinkles and icing on both. Well, depending on the type of cookie--you will generally always get icing on a cupcake. Had I been asked to choose between a cookie and a PIECE of cake verses a cupcake, I would have had great ease in selecting a cookie--with cake pieces you could potentially wind up with an edge piece, and that's just no good. Plus, you don't get the delicious muffin top that a cupcake has to offer. However, I was assigned cupcakes and cookies, not cake pieces and cookies. The problem here is that I don't know what TYPE of cookie or cupcake I would potentially be receiving. If I were receiving an oatmeal cookie with RAISINS verses a carrot cake cupcake, hold the raisins and add cream cheese frosting--carrot cake hands down. Am I receiving a crunchy cookie or a soft cookie? A peanut butter cookie (yuck) or a lemon cupcake (boo!)? A chocolate chip cookie (MMM) or a vanilla cupcake with peppermint icing and rainbow sprinkles (hot damn!)!?!? A Macrina cookie or a Trophy cupcake? I had to put myself on a cookie challenge because I was eating far to many cookies, thus attesting to my affinity for them, but have yet to go on a cupcake challenge. But is this just because cookies are more common than cupcakes and more easily accessible?!?! Unfortunately, given the wide array of possibilities, I have come to the philosophical conclusion that I cannot give a definitive answer. I must rate each cupcake or cookie on their own individual basis (which, as a sociologist I do not like, as we do not think about individuals but rather GROUPS). Or you could just give me both and I will eat them and let you know which one I liked better. Problem solved.

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  1. Point understood, but boo! I thought for sure you'd be able to choose just based on merit and non-taste related characteristics. :) All this talk of sweets makes me glad I didn't give them up for Lent like someone else we know...