Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sociological Observation of the Day!!!

Well kids, here it is:

Fun sociological fact:

If you walk into a Dunkin' Donuts (the Starbucks of the East Coast) and you ask for a "tall drip coffee," you will be stared at. You will then stumble over your words, trying to explain to the person behind the counter as they blankly stare back at you that you would, you'd really like, know, just plain coffee with cream please? You know, not a latte, not a dunk-a-chino, just right out of the pot? Oh. And two Splenda (minus the cancer). In this reusable cup. To which they will stare back at you until you say the RIGHT words that will magically fulfill your request: "I just want black coffee. And by 'tall' I meant the medium size, please. Thank you, and here is my D&D gift card." Because apparently no one on the East Coast knows what "Drip" coffee is but they do know what "Black" coffee is. Interesting.

Oh, and "Pop" is DEFINITELY "Soda" and "freeway" is "highway." AND they don't have Ross Dress For Less here!!! But I still like it anyways :)

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