Monday, March 8, 2010

Hungry for Change


Holy cow (pun intended). If you want to know why I'm a vegetarian, you should watch the movie "Food, Inc." because nothing will make you run away faster from that McDonald's bacon double cheeseburger you're eating then this flick. This movie was super insightful, and really makes you think twice about what you're putting down you're throat, let me tell you. I loved this movie: they explore the systemic problem of the food industry, highlighting how it is a problem of social structure and capitalism and particularly effects people of the lower class and people of color in particular (I know, SHOCKING)--so put your sociological party hats on! Furthermore, at the end you can totally be active (which I love) in REALLY easy ways. I tended to think that food consumption was an individual choice, but, as most things are, it's totally not and is an entire culture unto itself. I'd like to believe that this is going to be the next big revolution in our country. It literally does make me rethink not only what I put in my mouth, but where I'm purchasing it from (which is just as important). I like to believe I do a fairly decent job of eating healthy (minus the infinite amount of cupcakes that I tend to consume), and makes me appreciative of stores like Trader Joe's, however upon watching this film I will be re-examining my food choices. Like I said, I foresee big changes in the future, because if you think about it, after that movie "Super Size Me" came out McDonald's surely did revamp their menu because consumers wanted it. I think we often forget how powerful our dollars can be. Like they said in the movie, you vote by what you buy.

I also think we forget how very powerful even our own names can be...on a petition. Take 2 seconds and sign the petition for BIG changes:

Seriously, your signing a petition represents 1000 votes to congress people, which is a LOT of power and can make big change. AWESOME!!!!

These are the big issues that I will be tracking down to vote on or sign petitions:

So go ahead: buy food from your local farmer's market, cut back on meat, go organic (or even partially organic), take time to sign a petition! I am hungry for change (ok, that's the Food Inc. line, not my own, but it still applies here)!!!!

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