Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today I went to pick up my co worker and her little sister at the mall (her sister is visiting for the week). I was completely happy to do this, however did not want to get out of the comfortable clothes that are a staple on my Saturday afternoons. Thus, I was adorned in a sweatshirt, some plaid pajama pant shorts, and on my way out threw on a pair of sock monkey slippers. At this point in the evening, it was fairly dark, and whenst we returned to campus and I was helping get things out of the trunk, my partner asked, "what's up with your socks?" I was confused, as I was not wearing socks, and thought she was referring to my sock monkey slippers. I pointed this out to her. She said, "Oh! Those are your legs! I thought you were wearing really long socks!" No. Those are my legs, and I am aware of the fact that they are so white they could be glow in the dark. Sigh.

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