Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Endangered Spieces

What do I love? FROZEN YOGURT. Or as us expert yogurt eaters like to call it "Fro Yo." What does the city of Boise SEVERELY lack? FROZEN YOGURT STORES: Namely: TCBY. Now, as an environmentalist, I must alert the world that not only are the polar bears losing their icebergs, but I am losing my frozen yogurt: Let's get this to the top of the endangered species list ASAP. About three years ago I believe I counted seven TCBY locations in the local tri-suburbia area (Eagle, Meridian and the city of Boise) which was more than an adequate amount to satiate my thirst for this delectable dish. This number has since been severely depleted. As I have been home, I have driven past many of the old locations only to find them completely vacated. This a source of great distress, as my friend and I were TCBY apparently we were keeping these places in business. I wasn't SO distressed about it, as last year when I was home I had discovered a local fro yo business different from TCBY (and yes, I felt like I was cheating on TCBY)...only to drive by and see that IT TOO HAD CLOSED. Here's my issue: WHY are these places going out of business?! Frozen yogurt is 1) absolutely incredibly without a doubt DELICIOUS. You can put any topping of your choice on it! It is soft! Creamy! Delectable! It's not like they're trying to force something disgusting, like pickles and chocolate down your gullet (although pregnant women might flock to a store like that, so perhaps it would stay in business). But there is no logical, sane reason that a store that serves such a delightful specimen of a dessert would not get some serious cash flow. 2) It's extremely healthy! There are live active cultures that are good for your digestive tract--you get your dairy in for the day--and for all of us sitting around and complaining about the obesity of America we aren't doing such a great job of keeping the issue at bay if we keep shutting down the TCBY's. This isn't just a local problem Boise: This is a NATIONAL travesty of monumental importance. Our children will suffer! Great scott. I'm going to have to get my fro yo from the local Maverick. It's all downhill from here, folks.

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