Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cape My Cod!

A few of my girlfriends came this past week for a wee East Coast adventure. And by "wee" I mean "massive." We did Cape Cod, Boston and NYC in FOUR DAYS. I wonder how many miles we clocked, and it's times like these where a pedometer would have been most handy and dare I say necessary. You can call me Jess "Thunder Thighs" Miller after this week. Anyways, it was a great few days, and I am constantly reminded of how very thankful I am for these women in my life. These are the friendships that are going to last my entire life...I'm sure of it. We had so many good laughs, saw many sights, and shared some great conversations. Here are my top memories of the trip (in no particular order).

1. Cape Cod=super awesome resort
2. My freaking awesome Clam Chowder/salad at some restaurant I don't remember the name of
3. Feeding bald chickens and discovering my new phobia (see below post--not particularly a favorite memory, but definitely a memory)
4. Drinking Cape Cods with Holly and B at the resort
5. Walking along the beach
6. Brittany's birthday breakfast and the funny waiter we had
7. Really bad customer service at Modern Pastry and Cassady picketing people and deterring them from entering said store (she's so socially active)
8. Eating MANY rainbow cookies...my new found favorite treat
9. Eating brunch with B at Bolo's
10. The cool/attractive staff at Nebo's restaurant
11. Spilling my pizza on the table at Nebo's
12. Dancing at one of the first pubs in Boston
13. Freedom Trail!!!
14. Squeezing into my tiny-ass apartment
15. Seeing Harvard and pretending that I'm abnormally smart
16. Seeing South Pacific (not my favorite Broadway show I've seen, but still cool)
17. Tisane's Caprese Flatbread with Cass and Britt and the repeat with Cass and Holly
18. Walking around the Rose Garden with Britt and then with Cass and Holly
19. Brittany trying to do a jumping picture
20. The fact that the dates got so messed up and even though everyone thought they were n sync they were actually WAY off on BOTH ends of the trip
21. "My mom says you should never show anyone your trunk" --Brittany Petaja
22. Squeezies!
23. Holly talking about Pipey her cat
25. Reminiscing about college
26. Stocking up on stolen toilet paper from the hotels
27. Quoting "Friends" with Cass/watching "Friends" with Holly and Cass
28. Accidentally stealing some food from the continental breakfast at the Crowne Plaza...turns out "continental" doesn't mean "free"...oops.
29. Exposing the girls to Dunkin' Donuts.
30. Using Cassady's handicap pass to score some killer parking lots (and yes, I do feel bad for the actual handicapped people who had to walk...but it's the one time in my life that I will be privileged in that area...so...!!! *knock on wood)
31. Much much much laughter
32. And I cannot forget when Cassady challenged me to walk into the pub in Boston and scream "Come and get me gentlemen"...and yes I did it (although the music was loud and I don't know if people heard me...but I still did it).


Times Square

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