Thursday, January 27, 2011

Try Something New: Learn to Jump a Car

I fell upon my TRY SOMETHING NEW for the week today when one of the RA's needed help a) pushing her car out of the parking spot it was in because it was dead and b) jump starting it. Now, I'll admit, I am indeed a woman who knows very little about cars (I fall into the stereotype in this way, bleh) much to the chagrin of my father, however I have learned more and more since owning my own card, thanks to this same father. Today, opportunity knocked, and I answered. Another RA and I headed out to the snowy parking lot, and took a look at the situation. I knew enough that the car should be in neutral, and we all got in front and...started pushing. The snow presented even more of the problem, as it kept building up behind the wheels (did I mention Connecticut has received FIFTY FOUR INCHES?!). However, we finally got the little bugger out of the spot, and I only took a bad spill on some black ice once. I felt so very successful, and then the plow guy who drove buy offered to show us how to jump the car. So, I learned! I'm one step closer to being completely self-sufficient when it comes to automobiles! Take that Valvoline guys who rip me off and charge me $55 for an oil change! In your FACE!

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