Sunday, January 30, 2011

Try Something New--Ethiopian Food

Oh gracious. I'm not really one for eating a variety of worldy varieties of food (as in ethnic food)--I tend to stick fairly close to your average Mexican dishes--I've had Chinese food, but tend to stay away from it now that I'm a vegetarian, and things got REALLY crazy when I started eating sushi. And I love pizza. But that's about as global as it gets. So when I mentioned that I was attempting to try something new this week a coworker asked if I'd ever eaten Ethiopian food and I said "Nay!" So, we traveled down to gun wavin' New Haven (I guess there's a lot of crime there) and sampled a DELISH Ethiopian platter. Lentils! Collard Greens! Carrots! Potatoes! A vegetarian's Heaven in New Haven! The best part--you get to eat with your hands--I don't know why I didn't see more kids in that restaurant. You get this bread that looks like a mix of a pancake/crepe, and you use that to pick up your food (you can see if slightly in my picture). I hope my adventures come out this delicious every week!

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