Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spirit Night at SJC

You may be wondering, "Jess, why are you dressed up as a (slightly older looking but still incredibly good looking) cheerleader? It's not Halloween! You're not in high school! And you're certainly not auditioning for a role as a cheerleader in 'Glee' even though you would be a totally great addition to the cast and would probably outshine Lea Michele with your talent and charisma!" ANSWER: Spirit Night at SJC. And let me tell you, we were filled to the brim with spirit. The RA's took it upon themselves to embody the fullness of spirit: the cheerleader. Using some uniforms from the athletics department, we embodied spirit and fun. We dressed up as cheerleaders to inspire our fellow residents to attend the game and cheer on our basketball team. Spirit was oozing out of our pores. We yelled! We ooed! We aaahhhed! We got angry at unjust calls! We celebrated when we scored! There were relay races! Prizes! What more could you ask for? Not much. Maybe had we had a tray of cupcakes, that would have been a nice addition. Although we were ultimately defeated, we walked away with our heads held high. We knew we had done our jobs well. The only people who could possibly have embodied "cheer" more then ourselves were a) Kirsten Dunst's character in "Bring It On" or b) Cheri Oteri and Will Ferrell, our beloved Spartan Cheerleaders.
This picture is my artsy pic of the night. I think it turned out quite well. Dear Admissions Team: You can totally use this in any of your nationally recognized advertisements/brochures/paraphernalia (for a nominal fee. I need a new bicycle).

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