Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rockin' It Up in Sea-town

Well peeps, I made it to Seattle, just in case you haven't figured that out yet. Happy endings all around, really. My time in Seattle has been glorious as you can very well imagine, and I can't wait to write about it more in depth. Favorite memories, thus far.

1. Bon Jovi w/Mom/Dr. McKinney (I shall elaborate more later)
2. Macrina every day of the week
3. My first manicure ever (Nails=lovely shade of orange)
4. Time with B, Dansey, Al, Hol and Cass
5. Lunch on the 3rd floor of Alexander
6. Seeing TONS of people on campus (Hall Council, Dr. Neuhouser/Dr. Diekema, Res Life Staff, Moyer students, etc)
7. Trophy cupcakes
8. Sushi w/Leigh
9. Fremont market with B (hey #8 and #9 rhyme!)
10. Sitting at Gasworks in the sun watching boats sail by (and sadly an emergency coast guard life boat...?)
11. Having snacks at Al's house
12. Walk around Greenlake (and seeing a skating man in a skunk costume whiz by)
13. Nachos at the Matador (and a REALLY strong margarita...whoops)
14. Fully utilizing the panoramic feature of my camera
15. Many times of laughing til it hurts
16. Pazookie with B and Dansey
17. Molly Moon's Starburst ice cream and femmie chats
18. Late night pillow talk
19. Reflecting on memories of the days of yore
20. Hangin with Heather (too come)
21. Chilling with Jenn and Ronnie C (also to come)
22. Coffee with Brian
23. Cass's backscratches
24. COFFEE!!!

So much good, too little time.

Pictures to come!!!

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