Tuesday, February 23, 2010

He Came, He Sang, He Conquered

Well, Bon Jovi LIVE in concert has come and gone, and let me tell you, what a spectacular event it was! That man has not lost his vigor after 25 years. Plus, it is fun to go with sociologists because they talk about fun crowd phenomena like "Theory of social proof." And it is fun to go with a mother who is as gung ho of a fan as you are. Of course Bon Jovi is really more of an experience then an event, and Jon left me with some important life questions. For example:

1. Why in the WORLD is David Bryan (keyboardist) the ONLY one who hasn't had a haircut in 25 years? Long curls are SO out man!
2. Is Jon Bon Jovi a Calvinist? ("Only God would know the reasons, but I'll bet He must have had a plan, you were born to be my baby, and baby I was made to be your man...)
3. How does that man have four children given that he wears such tight leather pants and has been doing so for an incredibly long time?
4. Would global warming be such an issue had the 80's/AquaNet never occurred? As much as I love them, I hold the band slightly responsible.

These of course are all important life questions that I have yet to answer, but I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out. In order to appease what I am sure is your own insatiable appetite for homemade Bon Jovi live concert videos, check out this:


  1. Oooh, he went sleeveless for your night, did he? We did not get that pleasure. But he never fails to wear deep v-neck/unbuttoned shirts.

    PS. Looove your Seattle posts. You were such a busy bee!

  2. I am smiling that I made your blog post, my sweet girl! Indeed JBJ was a sight to behold...in oh so many ways. Seeing them with you for the THIRD time was the best, though my right ear is still ringing from your screams (tee hee). Love you.