Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Thoughts

Work has left me a little frazzled as of late. It's really just this week and I have to just persevere. There are a few things though that make me joyous:

1. The chocolate chip cookies were extra good in the cafeteria today. I don't care how many cookies I eat, I will never get sick of them.
2. I have approximately 14 days until I go to Seattle and 16 until I see Bon Jovi
3. There is a new Law and Order SVU on tonight and NOT the State of the Union Address
4. We're doing an online discussion on a book at work, and I went to pick my book up which was by...Christian Smith!!! Not very many probably know that name, but he's a sociologist and we read one of his books during my undergrad. Thus, it was a very sentimental moment for me :)
5. My friends have been sending hilarious texts, facebook messages, etc. and I've gotten to talk with a few of them, more then I've been able to in the last month. Awesome.
6. My boss shared some stories to make me laugh very very hard today, and I love that I have a boss like that.

Although these things are very small, they are giving me great big smiles right now.

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