Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's Wedding Week!

What am I looking forward to? CAKE.

I realize that I often blog about my thoughts and ponderings about the world, which I know the masses thoroughly appreciate and I'm sure that I will someday be sitting next to David Sedaris at a book signing. I would like to do this even if I haven't written a book yet because David Sedaris is a hoot and a holler. But I digress. Anyways, I thought I would update you about what I'm actually DOING in my real life activity-wise: namely I am in a wedding for my best friend [and long time neighbor] Amy and it is Wedding Week. I am the Maid of Honor, or "The Maid" for short. Why is this so awesome, you ask? Ummm can we say "week long party"? AND my brother is home. And my neighbor Scott who is also awesome. Even MORE of a party. Here are the top ten things I'm looking forward to this week:
1) Pedicures with Mom
2) Hanging out with Matt--finding good bars in Boise now that he is over 21. We are also going to be seeing "The Kids are Alright" which I am SUPER stoked about.
3) Bachelorette Party
4) Rehearsal Dinner at The Reef which means GOOD food
5) New friends!!!
6) White Water Rafting
7) Doing the "Hoedown Throwdown" at the wedding. Yup. We are doing a big choreographed number which I have ALWAYS dreamed of doing. It took me like an hour to learn it because I am rhythmically challenged.
8) Giving a kick ass toast and having a captive audience who has to listen to me or at least pretend to listen to me. They'll laugh! They'll cry! They'll applaud! Sorry, no's a one shot deal--speech number 2 will require payment. My words are worth a lot you know.
9) CAKE!!!
10) Celebrating with Amy on her big day! Hoorah!

This week has already been awesome because today my neighbor Scott told me that I have "vocab swag." I take this to mean I have a grandiose and eclectic diversity of words to communicate with. I hope the GRE thinks this as well.

Last year when my friend Holly got married I thought about how insanely crazy and really very amazing it is that two people can come together and say, "I want to spend the next fifty years with you." I mean, this is really, really amazing if you think about it--it blows my mind. I could liken it to a hurricane I suppose. The conditions for a hurricane have to be exactly right in order for the storm to occur--there has to be the right mixture of temperature and air pressure and then BAM!!! It hits. That's a lot like committing yourself to someone I suppose, that is the conditions have to be just right for it to happen. I mean think about it: you have to a) like the person A LOT which is a miracle in itself. Even finding someone to have a crush on can be challenging... b) have the same values and c) be heading in somewhat the same direction in life [i.e. it would probably not be wise of me to marry someone who wants to start say a small fast food restaurant chain in the midwest if I want to be a surf bum on the coasts of California. I don't know where that example came from, but it works]. I mean I guess these conditions don't HAVE to happen, but I wouldn't get into a marriage unless they were there. I like and love a lot of people, but to be able to make that sort of selfless commitment to someone for the rest of my life and say, "Yes, I will wake up to you every day and put up with you when you are in a bad mood and smell your farts..." really is a miracle.


  1. so true Jess! we are both blessed with the great examples of marriage that is our parents. I pray I find someone that I have the same commitment, passion and tolerance for that my parents do.. you know in 15 years minimum :) you have been an amazing Maid and Amy is lucky to have you!

  2. awww thanks Regan!!! you're awesome!

  3. whoops. this is jess. i posted it from my mom's account somehow...haha