Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top Seattle Moments

My city. And I love me my panoramic lens.

As you invariably know by now, I had the immense pleasure of spending a full ten days in Seattle. This is an ample amount of time to fully soak up all Seattle has to offer during the summer. The biggest reason I love Seattle is I always leave feeling tremendously empowered to make a difference to the world. This is attributed to both the great individuals I know who reside there, but also because of the Seattle culture at large. I think the hippie blood will always run through my veins--part of Seattle just seems to weasel its wy into your soul somewhow. I love it. I love the local businesses you can support--massive mounts of compost and recycle bins that abound, or the wide variety of fair trade or eco-friendly products you can purchase at the local market. I love the bike and the bus riders who help make things more green. I love the crazy protesters on street corners--at least they stand for something. The insane amount of non-profits or the community gardens. There is always that new restaurant to try and fall and love with. Life just seems so much more rich, so thought out, more simplified, more intentional. Granted, I know Seattle isn't perfect and still has its flaws [and rain], but gosh darn it, they try. Anywho, these are my top moments of my awesome vacay [in no particular order]:

1. Lilith fair! (see post)
2. The Fourth--fireworks and friends (see other post)
4. Cupcakes/Ballard walk with Dr. McKinney
5. Sleeping IN
6. Riding the Seattle Metro here, there, and everywhere
7. Cafe Noveau/West Seattle jaunt with Britt and Cass
8. Rover's Bar with Cass and Britt and Cass's friends
9. Green Lake with Talaina
10. Massive amounts of cupcakes: Yellow Leaf, Trophy, and Cupcake Royale.
11. Molly Moon's w/Amanda
12. Walking along the Burke Gilman Trail at Sunset [NOT a fav I didn't bring my cam][also with Amanda]
13. Disney Sing It with Heather
14. Shop til you drop with Heather
15. BBQ at Heather's
16. Ballard Seafood Fest
17. Seeing Michael at Kavu
18. Bethany Community
19. Drinks with Dusty
20. A faint tan!!!
21. Berry picking and the fresh strawberry ice cream that followed
22. Thai food and sushi
23. Fremont Market
24. Theo Chocolate Tour
25. Jet City Improv and how I got the "inappropriate sanctioning" for accidentally screaming "Lady Gaga" for "things you do in art school." Oops.
26. The sign at Essential Baking Company that read "Due to our shortage of robots please remember that human beings work here and are not to be treated poorly" or something to that effect
27. Capitol Hill...need I say more?
28. T freaking C.B.Y
29. The Seattle Sun [when it decided to come out]

There was a lot of life packed into these moments.

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