Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hoorah 25

Whelp I'm about to celebrate the big 2-5 on Wednesday. This means I will be a QUARTER CENTURY OLD. This is slightly disturbing, but I'm hoping that with 25 years under my belt that I'm headed in the direction of wisdom-gaining. While I'm a little sad that I can truly say I'm "mid-twenties," let me tell you I certainly have things going in my favor this year:

1. I already won $20 in the Ohio lottery. My uncle and aunt gave me a ticket, and hey guess what, Ohio loves me.
2. I get lower car insurance because my pre-frontal cortex is officially fully functional lowering my impulse control.
3. I can now rent a car for cheaper [see reason above]
4. I can participate in my school's retirement plan officially.

I think this is all, but these are the last age-related benefits that I get until about the age of 55.

Every year my friend Brittany makes us [as in my girlfriends and I] answer questions on our birthday. We usually roll our eyes and answer, but secretly I love this about Brittany--she's a real life savor-er.
One of the questions is: what were your best memories from last year [I can't remember if you have to do the number of how old you're turning but I'm going to do ten because I'm moderately lazy] [oh and these are in no particular order]:
1. Seeing New York City for the first time and seeing the play "Rock of Ages"
2. Seattle Trip #1
3. Rob's visit to Boise
4. John Mayer in Boston
5. Amy's Wedding
6. Lilith Fair
7. Seattle Trip #2
8. Various memories with Tai/Tam and other CT people
9. Making new friends
10. Visits from friends from the West Coast!

Then we are asked what our goals are for the year. These are mine:
1. Apply to grad school
2. Volunteer somewhere
3. See "Wicked" in NYC

It's gonna be a good year.

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  1. ha ha. I'm glad that the first thing you and I correlate with being 25 is the fully functioning prefrontal cortex. So great.

    Aaaaand I want to see Wicked with you in NYC! It might become a reality if I visit Boston next spring. :)