Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grad Skewl is Kewl

Last night I had my first graduate class. It is entitled "Gender and Diversity," so you can imagine the immense pleasure I have that I should get to participate in something so fascinating and so right up my ally. My professor is a total hippie (which I love), and people were getting very feisty with their opinions (which they tend to do when it comes to these issues). I managed to speak up twice in class, which I considered quite an accomplishment, although this environment is a lot different from my undergrad where I was the front row squatter and didn't stop talking. Now its all I can do to a) get the nerve to speak in class and b) be able to get a word in edge wise even if I think of something graduate-level worthy to say. Well, any who, there I was enjoying the discussion of social class and what happens? My cell phone goes off. I was that person. And I can't STAND that person. Its really just in poor taste, and horribly disrespectful and distracting. And to make it worse, my cell phone ring sounds like a mixture between a toilet flushing and a light saber, so people began COMMENTING on said ring tone--WHICH I only selected because the RA's made me change it because it was the same as their duty phone ring, so they'd get spooked every time it went off because they were afraid that a horrible emergency could possibly be transpiring and someone was calling to tell them the campus is going down in flames. Anywho, I turned a lovely deep red color, dug through my coat and found my phone and promptly silenced it. Rob Sesser, for the record, please do not call me Monday nights between the hours of 6:45 and 8:45 Eastern Standard Time.


  1. Despite being "that person," I'm glad you enjoyed your first class! I hope it challenges and inspires you as you begin your graduate education. Miss you!