Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Read Me! Read Me!

These are two books I hope to read ASAP (when I have $$$ to purchase them)

The first is exploring how being liberal and being a Christian can in fact go together and need not be mutually exclusive (and they do go together, quite beautifully in my opinion). I am also excited to read this one because sometimes when you lean to the left and are an evangelical Christian such as myself it can be lonely, one can be misunderstood and we tend to be in the minority. And for the record, I feel very hesitant to say "liberal" because that tends to put all sorts of negative, nasty, and unfounded connotations in people's heads, and I do not like throwing that term around and what it means for me without being able to dialogue it. But I digress. Bottom line: iwanttoreadthisbook.

The second is about the positive thinking, and how maybe we're not happy because we are...too positive...? Interesting and intriguing to say the very least. And a special thanks to Dr. Ehrenreich for always providing insightful sociological musings (she's the author of Nickel and Dimed in case you didn't know).

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