Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thank Goodness for...

BON JERSEY. Who, you ask? Isn't it supposed to be "Bon Jovi?" Stay tuned.

This May Bon Jovi will be coming to Connecticut. "Don't you have a ticket Jess?" Answer: Unfortunately: no. While I have had the privilege of seeing Bon Jovi three times during three consecutive tours, unfortunately Jon's ticket prices are well above my means this year (as Mom usually treats me...). This means I have to resort to option A: stalking the band at the casino they will be playing at or the other viable and less illegal option B: Bon Jersey. Bon Jersey is a Bon Jovi tribute/impersonation band, and one of my best finds of 2011. AND tickets are $10 verses $150 and being the deal-lover that I am this greatly pleases me. The difference, I imagine, would be comparable to perhaps eating ice cream verses frozen yogurt--while the difference is evident, and perhaps the real deal is better, the fro yo will do just fine to satiate your appetite. All I know is that this is a delightful thrifty and economical find in our tight economy and it is good to know that I will still be able to enjoy Bon Jovi's music regardless of whether he is actually the one singing it.

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