Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Best Part of Waking Up... (or is it...?)

Well, The Folger's Video has made its way back into my life. This thing is beginning to haunt me wherever I go, however as someone pointed out, it could be much worse (think Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian and you'll probably catch my drift). No, this is just some good ol' wholesome (and really cheesy) college fun. Back in 2006 when this sucker was made, for one reason or another my friend Rob was really into the Rockafella version of the Folger's theme song, and he passed his passion on to us. I mean their harmonies WERE really admirable. Thus, The Video was born. We thought we were so hilarious. And maybe we were (or weren't)--I don't really have an opinion on the subject. All I know is I was a college sophomore with time on my hands and friends at my side. Anyways, my friend Krichael decided it was so hilarious he would like to post it on this new trendy website called "Youtube," and, lacking foresight for my future, I said, "Sure! Go right ahead!" And thus my rise to Youtube stardom was born.

As I mentioned, the Folger's video seems to haunt me wherever I go. It turns out, while I often forget about the Folger's video, it doesn't forget about me. Approximately a year-ish later, there I was minding my own business in my "Media and Communications" class. The professor was talking about people putting things on the internet, and how people tend to not think about who might see what when they post things on the internet. And then he said, "Here's a video that some SPU students made" AND HE PLAYED IT IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS. And there I sat with my friend Julia holding my hand as I rapidly turned the color of ketchup and nervously giggled. And then my professor looked at me and said, "Oh--is that you in that video?" YOUR POINT IS PROVEN. I REALIZE THE IRONY. And furthermore how did you NOT recognize me--I sit in the front row and there are only about 35 people in this class! AND I PARTICIPATE like a good student should! But I wouldn't take it back with the exception of better sound editing and perhaps advertising for a better product. Who wants to wake up to Folger's? A nice latte? Yes. Folger's? Nay.

One might ask themselves, "Gee Jess, wouldn't you contact Krichael to take the video off?" This would be a logical step, however it turns out I have an incredibly short memory, and every time it crossed my mind I thought, "Oh yes, I'll do that tomorrow" and low and behold here we are three years later. Anyways, flash forward to a few weeks ago when I passed a resident in the hallway. "I saw your video!!!" she said. WHAT. I instantly knew which video she was talking about because I have no other ones floating around in cyber space (at least to my knowledge...). "How?!" I asked her, in my head very illogically thinking that was in Seattle...I'm in Connecticut...how?! and then realizing we were talking about the INTERNET. It turns out someone had posted it "randomly" (I say this because nothing is really ever random, but I don't have another word right now), on a student's facebook wall, and this student recognized me, and as news likes to travel fast here on the Saint Joseph College campus my entire staff had seen it by the end of the week. So, I am not hiding anymore!!! Here we are, loud and proud, the debut of the Folger's commercial on my blog! I'm putting it all out there--no more secrets! I've been living with this burden for too long! I embrace my past and look forward to a youtubeless-future (as in...I will not be posting videos of me dancing to commercial jingles any time soon or EVER). And...as I stated before...it could be worse...

The real question here is how does this thing have nearly 30,000 views? Who has time to be looking up videos about Folger's instant coffee? I may never understand the phenomenon, but since this is the closest I'll probably ever be to a celebrity, I've come to accept my fate.

P.S. McAuley Quint I know you're watching...shout out!

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  1. my favorite part was when tim lee drug me over to your room while you gals were practicing and you simultaneously screamed and slammed the door in our faces.