Monday, August 16, 2010

Things That Happened Today

1. Cute cable guy came to campus. Wife. Damn.
2. Procrastinated on GRE studying. No shock there.
3. Talked with Amy on the phone. Delightful.
4. Organized my apartment. Clean as a whistle.
5. Going to try Starbucks VIA instant coffee tomorrow.
Cafeteria is closed all week where they hold the real coffee.
I almost died from being tired.
We all have to make sacrifices.
6. Rode my bike around town--twice because it was so fun.
7. Found a rock star rubber ducky from an event in my room
that has drumsticks and long hair. This made me smile.
8. Enjoyed two mini cake donuts.
9. I signed this pledge to better biking.
10. I decided I really love life. I already knew this, but today
I really slowed down and savored that thought.

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