Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rainbows of Heaven

As many of you know I am a cookie fiend. While many may think my only allegiance aligns with cupcakes, you would be incorrect, as my zest for cupcakes often over shadows my love for cookies--mainly because I think cupcakes are sort of the "trendy" food right now, much like sushi was three or four years ago and pho is becoming now. I also really love Italy, and it is my personal goal to get there before I die, so I hope this whole "2012" thing is a myth because that would really put a wrench in things. Anywho, I have found that two of my favorite things have been combined into what is known as the Italian Rainbow Cookie. And I don't really mind rainbows, so maybe like two and a half of my favorite things. Scratch that, I love rainbows because they are synonymous with the gays and I love the gays. You could say that four of my favorite things reside in this cookie I suppose because they are CAKE cookies made to represent the Italian flag [hence the different color layers]. I even got to buy these cookies from an Italian bakery the other day with a real Italian [as in one of my RA's]. I'm all about moderation, but when it comes to these suckers I lose all's a good thing that God doesn't count calories on your birthday [or so I was you think that's true?] Even if calories aren't counted, I surely was in jeopardy of a cookie hangover, but it was totally worth it because these things are that good. Consider this a public service announcement: get yourself to your nearest local Italian bakery ASAP because you will NOT be disappointed.

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