Monday, May 24, 2010

"You're like a hippie who showers."

This is one of my favorite quotes from a friend. And you know what, it's semi-true. I certainly have a hippy-ishness about me, and thus my hippie heart was gladdened (and my passion intensified) whenst I went to Bean Town this weekend and discovered THIS little delight.

BOSTON: SCORE!!!! I WILL be attending this, mark my words, because there is nothing better then a bunch of non-meat eaters getting together to celebrate eating and earth saving.

But why, praytell am I on an "earth kick" right now? Well, I guess I've been on an earth kick for awhile, but tonight my friend Amanda (who is visiting from Seattle) is here and we were watching the show "30 Days." This is a series by the guy who did the movie "Super Size Me" and he has people from competing viewpoints live together for 30 days (i.e. a Christian moves in with an athiest, a straight guy moves in with a gay guy, etc.) or he actually does something for 30 days (i.e. live in jail or living on minimum wage). Needless to say, it is invigorating and intellectually stimulating, and my sociological heart is oft warmed as he seeks to expose the dark underbelly that is... American culture--DA, DA DAAAA!!!! (or, something like that...) Anyways, we watched a few episodes and the last one we watched was about some "average" consumers who went and lived on a completely "off the grid" farm, where basically these people were trying to completely eliminate their carbon footprint which they did by making their houses from mud and using their poop for fuel (or as they called it "hu-manure" which I thought was just hilariously clever). This of course got me thinking about my own carbon footprint (people using their own waste for energy tends to do that), which has been GASTLY the last few weeks as I've been driving here and there and everywhere, although I do score major points for not being a carnivore--hoorah! At one point in the show, they brought up the use of aerosol hairspray as an environmental impact factor. Amanda looked at me, because if you know anything about me at all you know I L-O-V-E teasing my hair and I live for the aerosol!!! It speaks to me!!! The volume! I love it love it love it! I need it need it need it!!! MMM. I can smell the fumes now! I digress. After turning off the lights because we were inspired to save energy upon watching the show, I immediately googled "earth friendly hairspray" because I would still love to have my cake and eat it too (i.e. still have hairspray but be environmentally friendly. And I like cake.). And, bad news for me, turns out hairspray has lots of toxins and crap in it (I know SHOCKING but sometimes you just don't think about the obvious OK?!). I just thought of those toxins weasling their way into my hair follicles and making their way into my brain and eating all the intellect right out of it. Yeah, it was ugly. This news really did not bode for me well as I had committed an environmental sin and had purchased not ONE bottle of aerosol that day but TWO (don't ask--my hair ritual is intense) . Anywho, it turns out you can MAKE your own hairspray out of lemons or oranges by boiling the crap out of them in water, and this is very convenient for me as I just purchased a hot pot today which I shall put to good use. So what shall be my science experiment tomorrow? HAIRSPRAY MAKING. AWES. And you will enjoy sitting next to me because I will smell delightfully of citrus. And then you will want some orange juice, thus you will get your Vitamin C for the day and fight off scurvy, so really everyone wins. All that to say, the show was inspiring because one person really CAN make a difference, and I think we tend to forget that (even though we're such individualists and everyone thinks they're so very's really very ironic. But again I digress). Anywho, I'll let you know how it all turns out...

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