Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Goals!

All this earth-talk got me thinking about my own goals for the summer. I know that seems random, but it's not, because very little is. They were related in my head. So these are my goals, because I tend to be short winded in actually carrying things out (i.e. I get really hyped up and then the passion sort of dies down once I have to actually begin doing the work...or a Law and Order: SVU marathon deters me, either one). Anywho, perhaps by actually writing them down I will be more apt to do them.

1. Study for the GRE/start applying to Grad School (I will learn a lot of awesome vocabulary words which I am most certain I shall employ/utilize so grab your pocket dictionary folks!)
2. Take a picture every day (or at least most!)
3. Shop locally and make super awesomely deliciously scrumptuous dishes (which I will then take a picture of--see #2)
4. Find (or bake!) the most delicious cupcake EVER. Or try to find one better then Trophy cupcakes (I know, good luck Jess).
5. Ride bike everywhere. Actually, this is not a goal, rather a reality as I will not have a car (yay for reducing that carbon footprint. And I'll be lookin' good as I will be fit as a fiddle--hellllloooo gentlemen!!!! Although, come to think of it, the search for the perfect cupcake might deter that, so...I'll get back to you)
6. Buy no clothing. OK, this one is going to be super challenging, but it's a must have. I have too much stuff. One person does not need this much crap, and gosh darn it I need to whip my consumerist butt into shape--I am only one person, and there are only seven days in a week!! And I need to save money. So bye bye new clothes. It hurts, but pain only makes you stronger. And a little smaller of a capitalist. Although, could one argue that I do less laundry because I have so many clothes and therefore reduce my carbon footprint by not wasting as much water? Ok, now I'm just trying to talk myself out of it--stay on target, Miller (and no, not IN Target, because I DO love their clothes--ON target).
6. Meet Mariska Hargitay. Or Jon Bon Jovi. Or Tina Fey. This goal may be harder to achieve as I doubt these three people spend much time residing in Boise, Idaho or will be in Seattle during the exact 10 days I will be there (considering 2 of the 3 have shows based in NYC and one lives in New Jersey), but I will do my darndest. A woman can dream, can she not? Answer: yes, she can. Just like Obama said.

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  1. you make my day, j.mills. :)
    i think i want to/should do 1,2,3, and 5