Monday, January 2, 2012

"I love the city of Portland.

It would be impossible for me to estimate how many times I’ve said that sentence over the last decade and a half of living in the Rose City.

There’s so much to recommend it, but I honestly think one of the things I love so much are the people. At times a bit eccentric, but almost always kind and polite, they are concerned about each other and the world. If you believe in community, in caring for the environment, in taking care of others, especially those on the margins, then Portland is for you.

And interestingly enough, those are also very same reasons I love Jesus."

--I read this on a church website of a church in Portland ( I love this. I have a lot of issues with the church, but this sort of stance may bring me back. I can't wait to be apart of a community just like this one. Thank you God for beautiful places like this.

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