Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My coworker thinks I should write a book. I don't know that I have a book's worth of things to say...well that's a lie. I don't know that I have a book's worth of things people want to read. Anyways, I think it is an interesting idea to entertain, mainly because I immediately leap to who will star as me in the motion picture event. Anyways, I began to think about the many things that I could write about. Do I write Seinfeld-esque minute observances of life? Do I utilize dazzling, hilarious wordplay to write seemingly meaningless events like David Sedaris? Thoughtful insights through the vehicle of eccentricity like Anne Lamott (I'm sorry, her last name always makes me think of Mott's applesauce. Excuse me, I need a snack)?

I'm back. As I lay (or laid?! Or lied?! I NEVER know! This is not a good beginning for a future writer...but nothing that can't be googled I imagine) in bed last night thinking, I imagined the most important part of the book: the dedication page. I finished the dedication page in my head, but I imagine you'll have to read my book to see it. Bwa ha ha (I'm also good at suspense--a key and difficult writing technique).

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