Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Evolution of Christmas--Miller Style

As a tribute to what is known as the "Christmas Season," I celebrate with a look back at the days of yore filled with holiday merriment.
We've been doing the ugly sweaters since the 90's--I don't know why it took everyone else so long to catch up.
I was NOT going to be cold.
Awkward family photo and personalized sweatshirt! YES!
I think this one says, "This shit is LEGIT!!!"
Hipster from the beginning.
(Below)...The evolution of my relationship with Santa...
Santa distracts me with a candy cane so I don't realize that it's weird that I'm in the lap of a strange old white guy.
I just figured it out.
Santa and I display mutual contempt for each other.
What's that? You give me PRESENTS?! You're not weird, strange old man!!! You give me stuff! Let's be friends.
I'll have an American Girl doll, a Barbie, a Nintendo, Super Mario Bros. 3 and one of those cars that you can actually drive.

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