Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Listening: Really junky E television "news"
Eating: Nada
Drinking: Apple cider--totally into it--IT'S FALL!!!
Wearing: PJ's! And a goofy headband with my hair all rolled up so it's curly in the morning--I get my picture taken for my SJC blog tomorrow (which means I need to head to bed soon to get my beauty rest!
Feeling: Fairly content
Weather: Perfect. I love the evenings.
Wanting: An adventure. Preferably involving a famous person (Let me follow up with this post by stating where this comes from. Today at lunch my coworker was telling us all the cool stories that he had had involving famous people. I would like something of this nature to happen to me)
Needing: TO GO TO BED!
Thinking: I wish I didn't need to sleep
Enjoying: Life and the anticipation of new things on the horizon
Thankful: for my amazing co-worker Tai! She is just too good to me! She continually teaches me new things, inspires me, and I hope I am as good to her as she is to me.

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