Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chappy Takes Cleveland!

Our RA staff is one big happy family. And that big happy family has a pet camel named Chappy. Every week during our staff meeting, we pass around Chappy the Camel and you share your happiest and crappiest moment with the group (get how Chappy got his name? put them together...). The person with the happiest (or crappiest) moment of the week gets to take Chappy home for the week, where he spreads joy and cheer to all whom he encounters. Chappy is also a world-wide (well, intercontinental United States) traveler. He has seen the space needle in Seattle, he has been to the glorious city of Chicago, the wilds of New Hampshire, and during Labor Day weekend he got to visit Cleveland (because it rocks!) when I went to celebrate with my family for my brother Matt's graduation (woo!) and my grandpa's 80th birthday (get it Grandpa!). Below are some of Chappy's adventures:

Chappy lounges at the lake house on Johnson Island
Chappy drinks a delicious cup of joe
Chappy meets Brutus the dog. Friend or Foe? You decide. But mostly likely foe.
Chappy congratulates Matt on his degree, officially being an "educated man" and on paying off his loans for the next ten years. Yeah!

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