Sunday, September 25, 2011


So I came across this little gem on, the little devil that I have fallen in love with and takes up all of my spare time (that and "Words With Friends"--totally worth buying the ipad to play it). Anyways, I came across this as a form of "quick journaling." I kind of like it--it's a little snap shot of the day, is easy to do, so I might do it every once in awhile for funnsies. So here:

Listening: "Friends" on Nick at Nite." It makes me nervous that this show is now old enough to be considered a "classic"
Eating: Nothing. But earlier today I ate the most delicious apple I have ever had IN MY LIFE that I picked from the orchard yesterday. If this apple was anything like the one Snow White ate, I can see why she bit it.
Drinking: Tea.
Wearing: Jammies
Feeling: T-i-r-e-d but content. Grateful for a wonderful day at the outlets with my friend Beth, and a wonderful RA staff
Weather: Humid--blargh
Wanting: It to be fall.
Needing: to not procrastinate
Thinking: "Oh well"--in relation to the procrastination
Enjoying: "Friends" (see above)

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