Sunday, July 3, 2011


Some more easy to do projects!!! Pinterest, I don't know how to thank you, but you have changed my life eternally. Yup. FOR FOREVER. Went to a BBQ and thought, "Hmmm what should I bring to share?" PINTEREST YOU HAVE AN ANSWER. Ugly table, what can I POSSIBLY do with you? PINTEREST. Boring shoes? PINTEREST will teach me to bedazzle them. Riddle me this--I have a hankering for something sweet (like I do every day of my life). What shall I bake? Answer to be found on Pinterest. You are like the Magic 8 Ball of the crafting/food world! Anyways, here are some things you have inspired me to do!
EW. But wait! Because there is hope! You, Wee Little Table, are like a beautiful butterfly that I will help to unleash:
Ow ow now that's what I'm talkin' o' bout. All I did was create a stencil, painted it, and sprayed some finish on it to seal the deal. And Voila look at what we have here!

I went to a BBQ yesterday to celebrate AMERICA's BIRTHDAY!!! I wanted to celebrate America by bringing forth some delicious nutrition.
Fresh greens, strawberries, cucumbers, red onion, almonds and a raspberry vinegarette. The perfect summer salad. I was going to throw some avocado in there as well, but unfortunately the one I bought wasn't quite ripe enough (rookie mistake).

For my next project I wanted to jazz up some gross (and cheap!) flats...
And *BAM*! These suckers are ready to sparkle for the Fourth of July!!!

Find out how to make your own here! stinkin' EASY!

Finally, I made these today--I ate 3. Yum. K, totally stole this picture, but mine looked just like this without the very nicely placed Coca Cola jar in the back. Catch the recipe here. Like. So. Good. Whoever thought these suckers up should be in the running for some sort of award. When I open up a bakery I will make these. And yes the irony is not lost on me that I just posted about a salad and nutrition above. I can't even justify it, it just happened. These are really great if you want your roommates to love you even more then they already do.

In Michael Pollan's book "Food Rules" (you should read that book, it's awesome and changed my life), one of the rules is that you should make your own junk food. His principle is that the junk food will be made with more natural ingredients and you will know exactly what is being put in it-therefore less processed- (present Oreo excluded), and you'll most likely eat less because you probably won't feel like baking every day. Ha ha, Well, I showed HIM. I win.

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