Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Things I've Made

Thanks to the little devils known as Pinterest and New Dress a Day that have sucked up my life for the past few weeks (alright! I kid! They are not little devils, they are pure angels sent from God above in heaven--they are WONDERFUL!!!) my creative juices have been gushing as if someone just blew up the Hoover Dam. Here are some of the things I have made:

My friend Tee told me that she had a dream about them because they were that good after she ate them. Skeptical? My friends were, but they all said "WOW" and became BELIEVERS, so TRY IT.

Rachel demonstrating. Basically to make these I made buttermilk pancakes (I made them with whole wheat so they were "healthy" which means you can eat twice as many...right? Right.). Then I looked up a cinnamon roll recipe and made the insides to a cinnamon roll (brown sugar, melted butter and cinnamon--I just sort of added whatever amounts until the consistency came out right. I felt so Rachel Ray because you know "real" chefs don't measure anything...). Then I made a cream cheese frosting out of (gasp!) cream cheese (you guessed it!!! YOU'RE SO SMART!), almond milk (because that's all we had), goo gobs of powdered sugar (try to quantify THAT amount), and vanilla. All of these ingredients equaled MAGIC. Which leads me to my next delicious treat (can you tell I like sweets?!):

Though Coca Cola generally freaks me out because it is basically a bunch of chemicals packaged as a beverage (and always makes me burp a lot) and it can be used to clean car batteries and remove the enamel from teeth, it turns out that it is DELICIOUS when packaged as a cake. My boss really likes Coke (the BEVERAGE, not the illegal drug people!) and so I wanted to make something for her birthday that honored her. I put Twizzlers and white chocolate chips on top to display Coke's colors. Rachel suggested powdered sugar for various reasons, but I resisted the urge. I DID measure ingredients for this one--Here's the RECIPE. I added a lot of flour to my frosting because I didn't like how thin it was. The result was ah-maze-ING!

My next project was inspired by the New Dress a Day Blog where this woman takes dresses and alters them to make something spectacular. I love it because it's a simple way to be green, AND it's cheap! Check out this sailor suit I got to make my friend Brittany's birthday gift:
GROSS right? But I loved the material because it's SO Brittany (she loves nautical stuff). I felt like I was doing a service to humanity by taking it off the rack, because no one should EVER be seen wearing this. Stacey and Clinton would immediately rip this off someone's rack and throw it in the garbage on What Not to Wear with an "OH MY GOD WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!" Best part: It cost me $2. The lining was a yellow skirt I found for $2. I used the little red tassles for ties in the middle of the bag at the opening. And THIS is the product--a perfect summer bag to tote around town!
Her birthday card was a card inspired by Pinterest. Simple yet wonderful--we're both from Boise, so I thought I'd honor The Gem State:
Cute huh?! I don't care if you agree. I think it's AWESOME. I did the same thing and made a bag for my coworker Tai:

Did you like how I snuck my Bon Jovi poster in there? Did ya? Did ya? I didn't plan that. But it worked out nicely. THIS was the result. The second dress was used as the lining of the bag and was a nice blue velvet. When I see this bag I want to sing "BABY YOU'RE A FIRE-WOOORRRRRKKKKK" only I don't because I HATE that song because they way over play it and I get angry every time I hear it. But it's just so damn catchy. Anyways, this is a perfect 4th of July bag, don't you think? Or one to take to the Farmer's Market in the summer?!
I apologize for the gross flash--I still don't know how to work my new camera very well. But you get the idea.

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