Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ssssccchhhoooolll'ssss Out FOR THE SUMM-A!!!

Here we are awaiting for the drive-in to start...and you know what that means...

Meet the Wrecking Crew: Tee, Tai, Rachel and Me! It looks like I am eating that frisbee, but really it was just in front of my face at a weird angle. But I do love frisbees so much I wish they WERE edible.
Being at the drive-in made me remember back to college when we went for my friend Britt's birthday FIVE YEARS AGO--where has the time gone?! (actually...nearly to the day because her birthday is June 4--today!!!). It made me miss Seattle friends but also thankful for the new friends I have made since being in Connecticut. And that orange blanket made it to both drive-ins and kept me warm (because I remember it being equally as frigid last night as it was 5 years ago).
I'm still trying to remember why Brittany was wearing cat ears on her head...

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