Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Best Orthodontist EVER.

Today I had to go to the orthodontist. I felt really out of place given I was a good ten years older then most of the people there. You see, my bottom permanent retainer broke, so I went in to see what my options were to fix it. I biked up to the office, and was welcomed by an astoundingly friendly receptionist. It is moderately troubling to me that I so quickly noted her friendliness and it seemed so out of place, as I feel as though it is in the receptionist's job description to be friendly, however most that I run into in medical facilities seem to have a big case of the sourpuss. But this woman was LOVELY. She had a warmth about her that for a moment I contemplated telling her my life story and all my troubles. Anyways, as Kristen welcomed me, she said, "There's coffee and tea to your right. Computers are back behind that wall. Arcade games to the right." YES. THEY HAD A FULL ON ARCADE IN THEIR WAITING ROOM AND A COMPUTER LAB. Oh! Had I been a teenager... GAME ON!-- I would have been so excited to go--I was excited enough as it was back in the day because I was able to go get the rubber bands on my braces to match my middle school colors (go gold and purple!). I couldn't figure out why the angsty teen next to me didn't look so thrilled. I especially couldn't figure it out when I was ushered into a room with a TV AND X BOX. I don't even like video games, but that is LEGIT! On top of it, every single person who passed my open door gave me a warm smile and hearty hello--had I gone to heaven? Oz? This was a magical place filled with perfectly straight, toothy grins, positive can-do attitudes and VIDEO GAMES. My orthodontist then proceeded to tell me that it would cost approximately FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS to fix and replace my retainer. Oh, and insurance will not pay for it. I then put two and two together and realized that this was how the dazzling pizazz came to this place--on the backs of poor graduate students like myself and awkward teenagers straightening their smiles. My retainer alone would pay for the Keurig and coffee that I enjoyed earlier. Sigh--I had to make an appointment with my orthodontist back at home who will replace my retainer for free, which is now going to seem far less exciting given that they have no entertainment systems when I go to that office, but I will imagine all the exciting things I can do with the $500 I will be saving. But still...X BOX IN YOUR WAITING ROOM!!!

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