Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good Reads

I've recently re-discovered the joy and simplicity of reading for pleasure. I remembered back to the good ol' days when I read so many books I earned the most gold stars in my 5th grade reading competition--thank you, Baby Sitters Club series. As you can tell, my reading habits tend to be fairly schizophrenic, as I tend to read 2-3 books at a time. While my interests for pleasure still seem to be academic, here is a look into what I've been into lately (both completed books for this week as well as started ones):
Super easy read--you could read it in one sitting. Highly recommend!
Just started this one today--very interesting (though very academic) look into our relationship with food and the evolution of our American diet ( the killing us slowly...eek.) Just remember: ignorance is bliss so think long and hard before you decide to read...
See above.
Guilty pleasure. I used to LOVE both the show and the books, and I'm always a sucker for pop culture trivia.
Lots of interesting ways to save money and improve life, including, but not limited to, making your own all natural cleaning products, wardrobe essentials, ways to have thrifty fun and more!
REALLY hilarious commentary on cheesy pop culture--I'm currently reading the chapter about The Real World--and I have NOT been disappointed. **Parental advisory--do not read if you don't have an affinity for the "f" word...

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