Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do Something New: Learn to Sew

Over the break, I thought I would take it upon myself (and my Mom) to learn to sew something. I do enjoy putting together a good outfit every once in awhile, and I think knowing I created my own clothing would present me with even more satisfaction. "Where'd you get THAT? It's so cute!" you'll ask me. "Totally made it!" I'll respond and walk away as you ponder how I could make something so fashionable. Yup. Plus, it really helps with the whole problem of "cheap labor" and outsourcing across seas, the problem that creating textiles has on the environment, you know all that fun and depressing stuff. The fact that people get paid 0.5 cents an hour to keep me fashionable will NOT be on MY conscious. Well, it will be because the problem doesn't go away just because I'm refusing to shop at Old Slavey and the Gap, but it's my contribution to a better world nonetheless. As you may know, I decided to stop buying clothing this year (which has gone moderately well with a few slip ups, but hey, I'm trying), and I figure that creating something will help me a) work for something new in my closet when I get bored, b) will help me exercise my creativity and c) was a good compromise to the whole not buying anything new thing. It seems that knowing that I worked hard to make something new will help me appreciate those who make my clothing in general. It seems to me like we're so disconnected from everything--everything from how our food comes to our table and appreciating those who put it there, as well as how our clothing makes it's way into our stores and the people who put it together. My goal (if you're really interested) to learn to sew was originally inspired by this book:It teaches you how to create your own patterns and make dresses out of reclaimed fabric from thrift stores, so it's all about being green! Great idea in theory, however my first attempt could be spelled D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R. So I decided to start from scratch and under the steady guidance of good ol' mom I created THIS little gem:

Let me tell you, after hours of working on this sucker, I really appreciate those who have sewed the items I own. It fits a little weird in a few places, but I figure that just gives it character. Anyways, my goal is to keep practicing away and we'll see what sorts of creations I come up with!

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