Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart...

Why hello there...long time no blog. Frankly I've not had a whole lot happen to me that's been blog worthy, and I'm not sure what that says about me and the life I'm leading, but it can't always be all fun and games I suppose. Upon the request of a dear friend, I decided to send a little Christmas blog your way, and it seems that seeing as it is 3ish days til the big day, a holiday blog seemed appropriate.

Last night my family and I had out annual get together with our neighbors across the street. It is one of my favorite times of the year--I grew up with the kids across the street, and they are literally a second family. Anywho, we went around the table sharing our favorite Christmas/holiday memories, so it got me thinking about my own:

5. 2007--the year I went to visit Rob in Walla Walla right before Christmas. Snow seems to follow me where ever I am at Christmas time, and we got to drive back slowly in Rob's Rav 4 Burt. I did however score a killer dealer on some jeans at the outlet mall we stopped out. I also saw "Twilight" for the first (and only) time (no comment...). Rob and I also made candy trains and watched home movies (see facebook).
4. Although it's not a favorite memory, in the year of 2008 Father Christmas decided to dump about 10 feet of snow on Portland, thus stranding my brother in PDX overnight, and then having to take a hellish taxi ride back through the snowy streets to my brother's house where I watched about seven hours of "Scrubs" and his cat Homer continually attacked me and I wondered if I was going to get eaten alive by the mold in the apartment (I love my brother with all my heart...but his residence was not of the cleanest persuasion). We finally made it home two days later.
3. One year my parents organized this huge scavenger hunt with some family friends. The parents organized all of these clues and the kids had to go all around the city and we finished off with our big final present (I scored my first digital camera). It was super fun and creative!
2. One year my mom stayed home from work (I think I was in 5th grade). We made REAL gingerbread houses and go to the grocery store and pick out any candy we wanted. Mine was pretty legit--M&M roof and all.
1. When I was 11 I wanted a dog SO bad. My parents told us that December 1 they would decide if my brother and I were ready for a dog. On Thanksgiving morning I kindly reminded my mom that December 1 was approaching. She said, "Oh yeah." A few hours later we got an early Christmas present. Inside was Kirby, our beloved labrador retriever puppy--still the cutest one I've ever seen :) (RIP Kirbs!).

Top 3 Best Christmas gifts:
3. When I was SUPER into American Girls I REALLY wanted the bunk beds in the catalog (I had Kirsten and Molly and both needed a place to sleep). The one in the catalog was like $100 (OUTRAGEOUS...specially back in '95)--so my Grandpa MADE a beautiful one and Mom made the sheets and pillows!!! I tucked Molly and Kirsten safely into bed every night.
2. Tickets to see Bon Jovi in Los Angeles!!!
1. Kirby (my puppy in the a-forementioned story)

Goals for future Christmases:
3. Eat a chestnut over an open fire
2. Have Jack Frost nip my nose
1. Get kissed beneath the mistletoe

Merry Christmas to all!!! I hope you make some fantastic memories!!! Christ our Savior is born!!!

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