Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloweenies!!!

Rob as an "Anonymous Dad On Family Vacation at Disney Land"

This is my friend Rob. He is hilarious. He is in fierce competition with my friend Cassady for being one of the wittiest people that I know--they should have a witty duel. That would be entertaining for everyone involved. Needless to say, I cracked up when I saw this picture. I immediately told him that I loved his picture and that if we were together then maybe I could be his kid that he pushed around in a stroller who then fell asleep during the firework display, and he responded saying that he would have a harness on me for when I go chasing down all the characters. I think this is an awesome idea and we would totally win a prize if we were going to a costume contest. I also thought that I could go as Rachel Berry and Rob could go as Kurt but everyone would be expecting that. I really hope that he goes to a party where someone is dressed as a Disney character because that would just be neat and ironic.

This Halloween I am staying in and I will be watching reruns of "Modern Family." I've never really been a Halloween person, mainly because I tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to making costumes. I don't want to spend the money nor the sweat for one day. One year I went as a TV and that was only because I had a shirt that said "NBC" on it, and then I just cut a black square out of poster board and wrote "SONY" on it. Problem solved. A year later I was a skunk, but only because Holly had a pre-made costume ready and I just had to step in and zip it up. If I'm really honest the only reason that I wanted to be Rachel Barry from Glee this year was because I have an abundance of plaid and argyle and really all I would have to do to pull off the look is throw on my loafers and get some high socks. I've never really gotten into the "sexy" [insert female occupation] thing. Obviously now I am not into it because I am a feminist, but even pre-feminism the thought never crossed my mind. It seems really counter intuitive. It's FALL, so I don't really understand why you would wear less clothes on this day then any other day out of the whole year. It's chilly!!! And I don't understand why if your costume is a football player why your midriff is showing. It's really beyond me. OK, I know exactly why things are the way they are, but for the sake of succinctness I will feign ignorance. Happy Halloween!!!


  1. P.S. I wish that Rachel and Kurt were BFF's on the show so that people would start saying that we are just like them vs. Will and Grace.

  2. Will and Grace would be a good costume option too!!!!